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ZOE Trips of Hope

Several times during the year, ZOE offers Trips of Hope. During these trips, you will visit with orphans in the ZOE program (and if you are a Hope Companion, the working group(s) you are in partnership with), preparing you to be an advocate for these children upon your return. A ZOE representative will accompany each team and offer leadership for each trip.

Visiting ZOE orphans is an opportunity to experience God’s power at work in the lives of the most vulnerable children on earth. Encountering God in this way will change your life.  ZOE’s approach to missions is likely different than what you may have experienced in the past. Rather than going to do things for the orphans, ZOE teams go to experience the ways orphans are empowered to provide for themselves. You will find yourself challenged by the expressions of faith and discipleship evident in the lives of these young people. Through your experience of seeing the power of God manifest in their lives it is our hope that you will return home to tell others what God is doing.  We request that you begin to pray about this trip and to ask God to use you as an ambassador for these children.

You are encouraged to watch a video from a trip by the Woodlands United Methodist Church to visit their group in Rwanda.

When you visit, you will deepen relationships and learn about the ZOE empowerment program through:

  1. visits with groups and individuals, including dedicated time on one day for you to visit your Hope Companion Working Group(s);  you will see their small businesses, farms, fields and homes;
  2. meeting children at different stages of the ZOE empowerment program;
  3. hearing stories of faith from the children;
  4. Bible study reflections throughout the trip led by ZOE’s staff.