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Worship Resources

  • Faith and Caroline

Bulletin Inserts

Bulletin Inserts ZOE offers two ready-made color inserts to put into your weekly church bulletin. The first insert, Investing in [...]

  • Girl Singing in Rwanda

Swahili Song Exchange

Swahili Song Exchange The African folk song Bwana Awabariki (“May God Give You a Blessing”) is easy for all ages [...]

Hope Companion Giving Tree

Hope Companion Giving Tree Sunbury United Methodist Church developed a giving tree as a way to educate their congregation about ZOE’s [...]

  • Worship Banner

Group Connection Banners

Group Connection Banners Boone United Methodist Church came up with a creative and visual way to celebrate the success of [...]

  • Offering Boxes

Offering Boxes

Offering Boxes For churches and individuals raising funds for ZOE's work, we provide free foldable [...]