Scenes of Faith from African Orphans

ZOE believes that all Christians make up the body of Christ and are meant to live in relationship with one another. Too many continue to view missions as what we do for others without realizing that they often have gifts to offer us in return. This kind of mission, one without true relationship building, can impact us but cannot transform us. One thing that African orphans can offer us is an example of how to live out our Christian faith in tangible ways even while living in the most difficult circumstances imaginable. ZOE invites you into relationship with these-some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. Allow God to speak to you and your congregations through their example and learn how to enter the kingdom of heaven with faith like a small child.

The following events are offered as stories which can provide present-day demonstrations of God’s reconciling, strengthening, and creating presence in the midst of turmoil.  Christian teaching can be richly enhanced by sharing occurrences of transformation, whether sermons, devotion, or biblical study. All are true and we hope through them these orphans will minister to you and to others in your congregation. In this way, we begin a relationship that is mutual as they respond to our intervention with acts of faith that move us to seek the heart of Christ more completely. Thank you for giving voice to their faith; a faith that truly has moved mountains!

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