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Fundraising Resources

  • Woman with Silhouettes

Silhouette Fundraiser for Congregation or Other Large Group

One very popular fundraiser that has helped many churches, including Apex United Methodist Church, raise funds to partner with a [...]

  • Baobab Rainbow

Hope Grows: A Grant-Based Fundraiser for ZOE

At First United Methodist Church in Cary, NC (FUMCC), ZOE supporters invited congregation members support orphaned and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe by participating in [...]

  • Peer to Peer Graphic

Online Fundraising for ZOE

Empower orphans and vulnerable children around the world by creating your very own personalized fundraising page for ZOE. Step [...]

  • Image of breakfast food

ZOE Breakfast Fundraiser

ZOE Breakfast One of ZOE's most popular and successful fundraising events is a ZOE breakfast. It [...]

  • ZOE supporters at a gift market

Gifts that Help

Gifts that Help Encourage your church or organization to give gifts that go further than a shelf or a drawer [...]

  • Do Less for Orphans

“Do Less” for Orphans

Do Less for Orphans Fundraiser A fun twist on traditional fundraising, ZOE's "Do Less" activity focuses on giving something [...]

  • Choir in Concert

ZOE Fundraising Concert

ZOE Fundraising Concert A fundraising concert is a great way to raise funds for a Working Group of orphans and [...]

Hope Companion Giving Tree

Hope Companion Giving Tree Sunbury United Methodist Church developed a giving tree as a way to educate their congregation about ZOE’s [...]

  • Worship Banner

Group Connection Banners

Group Connection Banners Boone United Methodist Church came up with a creative and visual way to celebrate the success of [...]

ZOE Prayer Dolls

Prayer Dolls ZOE prayer dolls can be used in a variety of ways for your church or group to engage [...]

  • Offering Boxes

Offering Boxes

Offering Boxes For churches and individuals raising funds for ZOE's work, we provide free foldable [...]