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Choir Resources

  • Choir in Concert

ZOE Fundraising Concert

ZOE Fundraising Concert A fundraising concert is a great way to raise funds for a Working Group of orphans and [...]

  • Girl Singing in Rwanda

Swahili Song Exchange

Swahili Song Exchange The African folk song Bwana Awabariki (“May God Give You a Blessing”) is easy for all ages [...]

  • Boy standing in maize field

Lenten Resources

Resources for Lent ZOE offers seven-week Lenten devotionals that incorporates scripture, reflections and stories of ZOE children. This is [...]

  • Angelique with ZOE Staff

Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional The season of Advent is a wonderful time to remember all that we have to be grateful for [...]

  • Toxic Charity

Toxic Charity Book Study Guide

Toxic Charity Book Study Guide There are many books on the market today that challenge traditional forms of charitable giving [...]

  • Prayer Magnet

Prayer Magnets

Prayer Magnets Creating magnets with a picture of the Working Group(s) your church or group is partnered with is a [...]

  • Offering Boxes

Offering Boxes

Offering Boxes For churches and individuals raising funds for ZOE's work, we provide free foldable [...]