2014 – The Hope Connection

First Quarter (PDF)


  • Transfiguration
  • ZOE by the Numbers
  • ZOE’s impact in 2013
  • Banking on a Bright Future
  • Girl Power

2013 – The Hope Connection

First Quarter (PDF)


  • How ZOE Helps
  • Introducing ZOE Malawi
  • Two Paths to Food Security
Second Quarter (PDF)

Girl with Bananas

  • Hope Companion Reflection
  • Power in Numbers
  • Beyond the Orphanage
Third Quarter (PDF)

Girls in Costume

  • Day of the African Child
  • Gifts That Help
  • The Importance of Understanding
Fourth Quarter (PDF)

Children Dancing

  • Commencing a New Life
  • ZOE Takes to the Streets
  • Youth Do Less for Orphans


First Quarter (PDF)

Hope walk

  • ZOE Orphans Pay It Forward
  • Hope Walk 2012
  • Empowerment by the Thousands
Second Quarter (PDF)

Three Rwandan Boys

  • Freely Give
  • Hope & Transformation in Zimbabwe
  • An Investment in the Kingdom
Third Quarter (PDF)

Rwandan Orphan Family

  • Building Blocks
  • Gifts that Grow
  • The Bladen Charge


Third Quarter (PDF)

Children at Graduation Ceremony

  • Worlds Apart, Together in Spirit
  • Graduation Day
  • Re-Think Christmas
Fourth Quarter (PDF)

Boy on Bicycle

  • When Helping Hurts
  • Thirty, Sixty or Even a Hundred Fold!
  • From Tears of Sadness to Tears of Joy