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Meet a ZOE Child

  • Grace

Finding Grace in ZOE Liberia

Grace is often elusive, and we suffer when we cannot find it. Then, when we least expect it, grace arrives. Such was the case for its namesake, a vulnerable girl living in Liberia. When her [...]

Two Paths to Food Security

One of the reasons ZOE’s empowerment program is so effective at transforming lives is that it adapts to many situations and addresses each child’s individual challenges. By offering many paths to empowerment, ZOE is [...]

  • Photo of Claudine and of her group working to build her home

Freely You Have Received; Freely Give

by Gaston Warner, CEO If Jesus had wanted to illustrate the command to give freely from what we have received with a parable, I think I know the African orphan he may have described to [...]

  • Douglas woodworking

Douglas Realizes His Dream of Being a Carpenter

Douglas had a dream as a child to become a carpenter, but never had hope of achieving it. He was born in poverty, with no father to raise him and a mother who was disabled [...]

  • Elias and his Family standing in front of their home

The Importance of Friendship: Elias’ Story

Large families often insulate a child from loneliness and discouragement, but such was not the case for Elias, the middle of eight children. His family struggled in poverty for years. Finally, Elias’ father made a [...]

  • George

In Malawi, George Finds Hope Through ZOE

By the time he was seven years old, George had already struggled with adult problems. His father died three years ago and his mother is very sick. He and his sister still live with their [...]

  • Valens

ZOE Helps Valens Return to School

Receiving a goat was the beginning of a new life for Valens. He and his 14-year-old brother were orphans living in a rundown house with no one to visit or help them. They had resorted [...]

  • Clotilde

Clotilde Finds Community Through ZOE

Clotilde and her 12-year-old sister Dative were alone in the world. Their parents died years ago, and they had no one to care for them. They tried to work to support themselves, but the little [...]

  • Angelique

Angelique’s Journey to Self-Reliance

Orphaned at eight years old, Angelique struggled with her sister Clementine just to survive in Rwanda. Because she was so young, no one would hire her to work. She and her sister were forced to [...]

  • Victor

Victor Rises Up and Achieves His Dream Through ZOE

Victor was 13 when his father died. Since then, he has been head of his family. It was a big responsibility for a young man. Without their father’s income, Victor had to figure out how [...]

  • Children waiting to dance in Rwanda

Graduation Day

These children had no food. Some survived by working essentially as slaves in the fields of neighbors, receiving barely enough food to survive as payment for a day’s back-breaking work. Others survived by begging on [...]

  • Elless in her garden

Elless Finds Many New Reasons to Smile

Smiles come more easily for 14-year-old Elless these days. Shown with her maize crop, she is beginning to see the fruits of her labor on her own land. She no longer has to experience exploitation [...]

  • ZOE Participant in Kenya Painting a Sign

Aspiring Artist John Achieves His Dreams

In the regions where ZOE works, conflicts between adults often have dire consequences for children.  Such was the case for John.  Born in an area of Kenya where there was an intense dispute over land [...]

  • Adeline

A Home and a New Life for Adeline

Today, Adeline has reason to smile. Only a couple of years ago she and her four siblings were living on the streets of their Rwandan village and begging to get meager amounts of food. [...]

  • Girl in Malawi

Girl Power: Closing the Gender Gap in Malawi

Girls in Malawi’s ZOE program are overcoming more than poverty – they are fighting against gender discrimination and becoming role models for others in their communities. “Customary practices [in Malawi] often restrict women’s ability to [...]

  • Gunasundari Standing in a Field

On Advent and Angels – Gunasundari’s Story

By Wil Posey, Associate Pastor of First UMC in Hickory, NC Sometimes a Bible story comes to life in a way that couldn’t be more obvious. On a ZOE Trip of Hope, I met Gunasundari [...]

  • Rachel in India, Smiling

Seeing the “Sunrise” That Brings Hope and Joy to ZOE India

by Wil Posey, Associate Pastor of First UMC Hickory and ZOE Hope Companion On one of our last travel days in India on a ZOE Trip of Hope, my team and I met Rachel, the leader [...]

  • Samuel and his siblings in front of their house

A Harvest of Food and Faith for Samuel

“The day of my baptism I fed my guests with vegetables from my kitchen garden.  It was the first time in my life that I found a meal delicious.” – Samuel (right), ZOE Rwanda November is [...]

  • Eve with a bountiful sorghum harvest

Beyond the Orphanage: How Eve was Empowered

A common, yet heart-breaking situation arises when a community has too many orphans and too few people to care for them. In many villages in Africa, the HIV/AIDS pandemic, war, disease, and poverty leave thousands [...]

  • Susan and her new house

A Little Help From Her Friends: Susan’s Story

A group of children, who often do not know each other, join ZOE and become an empowered working group.  How does this happen?  Through sharing stories, praying together, meeting regularly, and most importantly, helping each [...]

  • Jeenath with his sound system equipment

Jeenath Overcomes Disability to Find Hope

Where others might see only problems, ZOE sees potential. Born with legs that did not work well and cognitive challenges that kept him from succeeding at school, 19-year-old Jeenath found it difficult to care for [...]

  • Photo of young Liberian woman styling hair in a salon

Davidetta Finds God’s Grace in Liberia

Davidetta’s smile as she styles a customer’s hair expresses a joy that is new to her, but becoming more frequent. For years as a young teenager she struggled to care for her elderly grandmother and [...]

  • Melissa and Family

Zimbabwe Working Group Adopts and Empowers Melissa’s Family

Melissa is an eight-year-old girl who is a member of the Kupfumaishungu Working Group in Zimbabwe. Though she is very young, Melissa has gone through many hardships in her life. Both of her parents are [...]

  • Photo of Susan Smiling

Susan Discovers God’s Love Through ZOE

Losing one’s faith is a crisis. Doubting God’s love is a cavernous hurt for children. Yet this loss and doubt is common in the children who come to ZOE. Because of their extreme poverty, exploitation [...]

  • Delphine

Delphine Overcomes Abuse to Achieve Her Dreams

Abused, Alone, Raising a Daughter and Siblings Delphine lost both of her parents when she was just 13 years old. After years filled with hunger, sickness and abuse, she was invited to join ZOE [...]

  • Tiyamike Showing her Maize Harvest in Malawi

Tiyamike Builds a New Life in Malawi

After the death of her father, 10-year-old Tiyamike, her little brother, and her mother struggled to make ends meet in their Malawi village. Sometimes, Tiyamike’s uncle visited and gave them some household items, but he [...]

  • Leodomile

Meet a ZOE Child: Leodomile

Leodomile is a young adult and a proud businessman who has worked hard and overcome many challenges for his success. As a young teenager in Rwanda, Leodomile became the sole provider for his three siblings, [...]

  • Agnes

Meet a ZOE Child: Agnes

Agnes is a hard worker, but as a young, orphaned teen she could not earn enough to feed herself and her four siblings. They were always hungry. Then Agnes joined ZOE's Kenya empowerment program, and [...]

  • Ruth

Meet a ZOE Child: Ruth

Ruth was born with challenges. Her little body did not grow as it was supposed to, and she was left physically disabled. Her mother, unable to care for a special needs child, abandoned Ruth and [...]

  • David

Meet a ZOE Child: David

Today David is a leader, the president of his working group of orphans in Kenya. However, he was not always so confident. The death of his parents left him bereft, with no place to live [...]

  • Vestine

From Tears of Sadness to Tears of Joy

The orphans and vulnerable children with whom ZOE works with have experienced unimaginable pain and suffering in their short lives. They have lost their parents to poverty, disease, or violence. They are frequently thrust into [...]

  • Priscilla

Meet a ZOE Child: Priscilla’s Story

Once they were beggars and outcasts of their Kenyan village; now Priscilla and her siblings are productive members of their community. At age 19, Priscilla is one of hundreds of ZOE miracles. When Priscilla [...]

  • Helena

Meet a ZOE Child: Helena’s Story

"By faith we are saved” is not just a Bible verse to Helena. It is a statement of her experiencing a kind of salvation through her ZOE working group called Faith. Just one year [...]

  • Diane with her cow

Meet a ZOE Child: Diane’s Story

Diane is smiling because her dream has come true. After being orphaned at age 13 with her three-year-old sister, Diane had little hope for the future. All of her family’s resources had been used [...]

  • Nisfi

Meet a ZOE Child: Nisfi’s Story

In his second year with ZOE, 16-year-old Nisfi has begun to see the fruits of his labors with ZOE’s partnership and his working group. Ambitious and hardworking, he was the first child to sign [...]