Dear Friends of ZOE,

I was recently thanking a ZOE donor for helping these desperate children change their lives. They responded, “I know of no other program where such a relatively small amount of money can forever transform the life of a child.”

I could not agree more.

Occasionally there is an opportunity to increase that impact even further.

A ZOE supporter is offering to fund a ZOE working group of 60 to 100 orphans and vulnerable children over their three-year journey out of extreme poverty, for every working group partnered by someone else. This is an offer to match up to 20 working groups, and means as many as 4,000 additional children may have a chance to sustainably escape from extreme poverty.

Three ways you can be a part of this extraordinary opportunity:

Hope Companion and Woman from Kenya hugging

Partner with One Group

From March 15 through May 31, any church, Sunday School, group or individual pledging a partnership with a ZOE working group of 60 to 100 children at $8,000 per year for three years will be matched with another working group. When you partner with one group, twice that number of children come into the program! Contact Randy Wiersma at or Gaston Warner at to learn more.

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Share a Partnership

If a full working group partnership is not possible, you have the option of pledging to fund a half-partnership at $4,000 per year, for three years. Either you can recruit a partner or ZOE will find another half partner for you. If we are able to fund the whole partnership before the May 31 deadline then it will be included in the match, and enables two whole working groups to be formed. Contact Randy Wiersma at or Gaston Warner at to learn more.

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Join or Create a Crowdfund

ZOE is excited to offer a crowdfunding option. For $35 per month for three years, anyone can be part of funding a working group of ZOE children. To join now, go to: Once 20 people commit to this sponsorship, a whole group will be funded. Groups completely funded before May 31 also qualify for the match of an additional group. You can partner individually, or if you think you can find 20 people to participate with you, ZOE can organize a fundraising web page tailored to your group. Sign up to start your own page at What a wonderful way to encourage friends and family to be part of changing a young person’s life forever. Contact Tina Schmidt at or Lyndsey Lessner at to learn more.

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Thank you for standing behind these children as they realize their dreams of a better life.

Grace and Peace,

Gaston Warner
Chief Executive Officer, ZOE