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Be the Reason They Never Need Charity Again

Children around the world are filled with talent and dreams, ready to overcome poverty and leave charity behind forever. For $8,000* per year per group for three years, you can sponsor a working group of 60-100 children to transform their lives through ZOE. (*$12,000 in Guatemala)

As a church, group or individual, you can be their opportunity to build a future filled with hope.

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Whole Partnership

A working group of 60-100 children in one of our seven program countries can begin ZOE’s program with your partnership pledge today.

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Shared Partnership

Join with another funding partner that either you or ZOE recruits to empower a working group of 60-100 children.

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Crowdfunded Partnership

Invest with multiple donors to support a working group of 60-110 children with your monthly pledge.

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Partnership FAQ

How will my money be used?
ZOE is conscious to put money where it does the most good for the children in the program. The cost of $8,000 represents a true cost of the program for ZOE.   This cost is averaged out between country programs taking into account local differences in prices and exchange rates.  ZOE is careful to control overhead, but does invest in overhead expenses such as audits and reports which ensure money given is being used effectively and efficiently.  Please see our 990 to have a look at the effectiveness with which ZOE stewards your funds on behalf of the children.

How often will I hear about my group?
A couple months after your group begins (to allow for screening) you will receive a name list and group photo. You will also receive both general and group specific reports about your group.  After graduation you will receive a graduation report.  If you are able to send representatives over to meet and encourage your group, this will also provide a powerful connection between the group and your church.  These connections tend to help individuals and churches feel connected to their group and able to see the power of what your investment is doing in the lives of children.

Can I send my group gifts and letters?
We encourage you to visit your group in person over their three years in the program, and perhaps even after graduation.  When you do so, we have ideas on our church resources pages, of things you can bring and/or give to encourage your group.  These must be items of no monetary value to preserve the empowerment program, and maintain equity between groups.  ZOE avoids gifts of monetary value and sending letters directly to the groups.   In our experience it is difficult to do these things without the risk of harming the empowerment relationship which makes the ZOE program so effective in moving children beyond charity.

When should I visit my group?
Please feel free to visit your group as you are able and as ZOE has space on trips. We do all we can to make sure every group partner has an opportunity to travel, and it is a great encouragement to your group for them to see you, thank you, and worship with you.  You can also be a powerful voice telling others in your community what is being accomplished.  You are welcome to visit the children in any year of the program, including post-graduation.

Why are the costs different for Guatemala?
The cost of living in Latin America is much higher than Africa and India, so partnerships in Guatemala are $12,000 per group per year for three years. This translates into a higher costs for almost every piece of the program.

How does ZOE encourage the growth of faith among participants?
ZOE is a religiously non-restrictive program. All orphans and vulnerable children are able to qualify for the program regardless of their beliefs.   ZOE does not coerce children into saying they believe in certain way to fully participate in the program.  However, ZOE is a Christian organization and we do not leave our faith behind us as we help children to help themselves.  The children in ZOE’s program both see and hear the Christian message of God’s great love for them.  This message is always an invitation and never a requirement for being a full and respected member of the group.  As in every other aspect of the program, the young people are encouraged to make decisions for themselves.  This is also why the program is so effective in children learning about God’s love.  Because the young people make their own decisions, they also take responsibility to speak with one another, and with other members of the community about the Gospel.  Groups often incorporate prayer, worship and faith sharing in wonderful, non-exclusive ways.

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We know that partnership is a big commitment, and we want to answer any and all of the questions you may have. We also have staff available to meet in person and give presentations.

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Fundraising Resources

We want to make partnership possible for everyone. That’s why we created a wealth of over 30 free resources to help you make it happen. We’ve got videos, children’s activities, alternative gift market kits, online crowdfunding, and much more.

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Visit Your Group

The most exciting part of partnership is visiting your group to bear witness to their transformation. When you visit, you empower the children in wonderful ways.

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