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You can sponsor a ZOE working group of children by becoming a Hope Companion. As a church or individual, you can walk with a group of orphans and vulnerable children on their amazing three-year journey to self-reliance.

Vulnerable children across the world are ready to transform their lives.
They only need your pledge to begin.

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 As a partner to orphans and vulnerable children:

Hands Holding Beans

Rather than giving sacks of food, you give seeds and tools so they can grow their own food.

Orphan Holding Brick

Rather than providing an orphanage, you provide materials for them to repair or build their own homes.

Orphan Speaking to Group

Rather than providing sponsorship, you give them the opportunity to be leaders, helping one another thrive.

Group of Orphans

Rather than helping one child you partner with a group of 60-100 children who become self-reliant and can reach out to other vulnerable children in their home towns and villages.

ZOE Trips of Hope

Visiting ZOE orphans is an opportunity to experience God’s power at work in the lives of the most vulnerable children on earth. Rather than going to do things for the orphans you are in partnership with, teams on a ZOE Trip of Hope experience the ways orphans are empowered to provide for themselves.


Join Us in Joining Them

The cost to transform a life can be as little as $80 per child per year – for just three years. A ZOE Working Group partnership with up to 100 children is $8,000 per year for three years (multiple group partnerships available).

To learn more about becoming a Hope Companion, you may contact either:

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Partner Where It’s Needed Most

ZOE works in the areas of the world that have a great need for empowerment. The children that live in these areas face daunting life challenges: hunger, abuse, illness and often the loss of one or more parents to disease, conflict, and the ravages of poverty. If you want to become a Hope Companion and partner with the group of vulnerable children that currently has the greatest need, ZOE encourages you to select that option when you sign up. Know that by doing so, you are truly transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children on earth.

Partner with a Group in Need

Payment Instructions:

If you are already supporting ZOE as a Hope Companion, we are very grateful for your support. Please make checks payable to ZOE, and send them to ZOE, 700 Waterfield Ridge Place, Garner, NC 27529.