Hope Companions

We invite you to consider what it means to go beyond the act of sponsorship. When you become a Hope Companion through ZOE, you are not sponsors of orphans and vulnerable children – you are partners with them in an amazing three-year journey of transformation.

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As a partner to orphans and vulnerable children:

  • rather than giving sacks of food, you give seeds and tools so they can grow their own food;
  • rather than providing an orphanage, you provide materials for them to repair or build their own homes;
  • rather than providing sponsorship, you give them the opportunity to be leaders, helping one another thrive;
  • rather than helping one child you partner with a group of 60-100 children who become self-reliant and can reach out to other vulnerable children in their home towns and villages.
As a Hope Companion, you walk side-by-side with your group as the children become safe, food secure, healthy and prepared for the future. As a Hope Companion, you also help fulfill the last, crucial piece of the empowerment model: a connection to others. By sharing the stories you will receive of the children’s progress, you can become advocates for the children in your group and for orphans everywhere. Your prayers are encouraged as children grow in their faith. However, the most powerful connection happens when you travel to visit your group.You can stand with these once-vulnerable children, in the stead of their parents, showing your pride and support as they begin their new, transformed lives.


We invite current and potential Hope Companions to visit the site we have created specifically for Hope Companions – www.hopecompanions.org. This site includes updates from working groups as they progress through ZOE’s empowerment program, travel dates, fundraising ideas, and more.

Become a Hope Companion

To learn more about this opportunity, please contact Executive Director Gaston Warner at gaston@zoehelps.org, or at 919.414.4167, or Randy Wiersma, Director of Engagement, at randy@zoehelps.org. You can also register online and we’ll be in touch!

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Hope Companion Payment Instructions:
If you are already supporting ZOE as a Hope Companion, we thank you – you are truly transforming the lives of some of the most vulnerable children on the face of the earth. Please make checks payable to ZOE, and send them to ZOE, 700 Waterfield Ridge Place, Garner, NC 27529.