There are several ways you can get involved with ZOE Ministry, and help transform the lives of some of the most vulnerable children on the face of the earth forever.

Become a Hope Companion
We invite you to experience a different kind of mission: partnership with a group of orphans through their  journey from poverty to a transformed life of hope and self-reliance.  Churches, organizations, and even individuals are invited to support a Working Group of 60-80 orphans over the course of three years. Learn more about our unique opportunity to become a Hope Companion.

Give Monthly
Your monthly partnership means continued commitment and expansion of ZOE’s ministries. You will receive ZOE’s monthly newsletter with stories about our children and updates on the ministry. Find out how to become a monthly supporter of ZOE.

Sign Up to Receive Email Updates
Stay up-to-date on ZOE’s latest news and happenings. We invite you to register to receive email updates.

Social Media
You can follow us for the latest updates on Facebook or Twitter.