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Orphans and vulnerable children are ready to change their lives.
Are you ready to make that happen?

It only takes a small amount every month to have a big impact in an orphan’s life. For every $10 per month you give to ZOE, another child can enroll in our empowerment program, and begin the journey to self-reliance. Your gift truly changes lives!

By joining the Circle of Hope, you are invited to journey with ZOE on a Trip of Hope to visit orphans in their home countries and communities.
Learn more about these special travel opportunities.

Please note: The NC Conference of the United Methodist Church graciously provides payment processing assistance to ZOE which helps keep our administrative costs down. You will get an automated notification from NCCUMC and see a charge from UNITEDMETHO on your credit card statement when you make a gift through PayPal, and this is just a reflection of that assistance.

If you have questions about the Circle of Hope and would like to speak with Toni Cole, Director of Administration, please email her at or call 1-800-951-0234.

ZOE is a 501(c)(3), and all donations are tax-deductible.