We invite you to discover a different kind of mission.

Many missions help children living in poverty.

At ZOE, we take it one step further – we help children help themselves.

Weru Welding
Enyasia Ironing

ZOE’s unique empowerment program brings orphans and vulnerable and children
from extreme poverty to self-reliance in just three years.

When ZOE empowers children to:

  • know God’s love and have hope
  • take charge of their own journey out of poverty
  • become part of a new extended family of peers
  • be supported by members of their own community and staff who speak their language
  • learn to grow, or buy, their own food
  • start businesses and choose their own vocations
  • keep themselves healthy
  • understand their rights
  • find safe housing
  • and have access to the small resources needed to make their dreams come true…

…three years is all they need!

To learn more:

  • You can read about the empowerment approach and How ZOE Helps.
  • You can also Meet a ZOE Child and learn about how ZOE’s program is transforming lives.