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Helping Children Help Themselves

Children begin their journey to empowerment by joining a supportive ZOE working group of 60-100 of their peers. For three years, ZOE empowers each group with skills training and resources. Once-vulnerable children then graduate as self-reliant young men and women able to provide for themselves and their siblings. ZOE currently has over 28,000 children transforming their lives in seven countries. Through ZOE, these children will:

Find Hope

ZOE reaches children in their home communities, bringing them together in supportive groups of 60-100. As children share their stories, connect with one other, and learn of God’s love, they find hope, sometimes for the first time in their lives. ZOE staff help each child discover their dreams and chart their own path to a new life.

Become Empowered

Children learn new life skills together as ZOE staff and community members teach them to grow food, raise animals, keep themselves healthy, enforce their rights, and effectively manage businesses and finances. Children receive micro-grants to start and grow both group and individual businesses, providing them with sustainable sources of income they control.

Prepare to Lead

After three years of working, learning, and praying together, once isolated, exploited and marginalized children graduate as empowered business owners and community leaders. Many of these young men and women reach out to the vulnerable in their communities, mentoring them and passing on the gift of empowerment.

How ZOE Helps

Children must be fully empowered to leave extreme poverty behind forever. Learn about the many ways ZOE helps children help themselves.

Where ZOE Works

ZOE empowers children around the world seven countries.