Across the world, there are millions of orphans and vulnerable children struggling in poverty.

When parents die or becomes unable to care for their children, the burden of care falls to elderly family members and the oldest sibling left behind. Children as young as 10-13 years old are the sole providers for their families. Because of the fear and misinformation surrounding HIV/AIDS, the children whose parents have died are frequently ostracized by their communities. Children often have to drop out of school to care for younger siblings, working long hours just for food for the day. As medical care moves out of reach, children suffer from illness and disease. As their homes begin to crumble from disrepair, many children have no choice but to live on the streets, or wherever they can find a place for the night.

ZOE works to break this cycle of poverty, and give these children hope.

ZOE’s three-year empowerment program joins vulnerable children with their peers, and helps them:

  • learn essential life skills
  • live in their own communities
  • start small businesses
  • grow their own food
  • return to school
  • grow in their faith
  • have access to the resources they need to make their dreams possible.

For further details, please read more about ZOE’s empowerment program.